Summer at Google

For the past summer, I worked as a UX design intern at Google Play. During the 12 weeks, I worked closely with PMs, designers, researchers, and engineers to design for the best digital purchase experience for Google Play. I have accomplished 3 projects:

  1. Designed a new concept to encourage purchase, worked with researchers to validate the concept, iterated on the design, and collaborated with a partner team to ship the MVP.
  2. Redesigned the Google Play promotion to create the consistency across different channels, both for MVP and a long-term version with a more delightful experience.
  3. Established a scalable framework with principles to simplify the purchase experience, and facilitated a better collaboration between Play Platform and other teams in Google Play.

Due to NDA, I am unable to disclose any details about the projects. If you’d like to know more about my experience, please feel free to contact me at